An Urban village in today's world

The Netherlands, Leidsche Rijn, 2006-2007 Shows: 2007, Group Exhibition, "Leidsche Rijn, Het Gebouw, Utrecht , The Netherlands. 2008, Group Exhibition, Luis Hartlooper, Utrecht, The Netherlands 2008, Group Exhibition, Moira Gallery, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Leidsche Rijn is an area in the west of Utrecht in the central Netherlands.


The neighbourhood has about 35,000 inhabitants and it is expected to be completed in 2025 when it will have approximately 80,000 inhabitants.


Due to the city's need to expand, part of a solution for resolving the problem was to introduce empty places available to become neighbourhoods. 


Neighbourhoods carry memories, history and therefore they have personalities.


Leidsche Rijn is a place were mainly young families and couples residing.


It was build with promising and prominent architectural ideas.